first session / 90minutes ¥ 11,000(tax included)
Additional sessions /60min ¥11,000(tax included)

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 As a psychological counseling service, we offer confidential face-to-face counseling in English.

Please fill in the contact form to make an inquiry.

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How do I apply for counseling? How do I make an appointment?

Step 1: Contact us.

Please fill in the contact form and send it to us. You will get our reply via email.


Step 2: Make an appointment for the 1st counseling session.

We will do our best to schedule the session at a convenient time for you.


Step 3: Confirming the appointment date.

Once it is determined, we will inform you of the appointment date.

For people who are attending a counseling session at Counselor College Ishikawa for the first time:

・Our counseling service considers that cooperation with medical services is also very important for the person who is currently undergoing medication.

In that case, we tell in advance him/her to ask the doctor for suggestions and agreement to take counseling, so that the client will avoid from confusing different approaches nor making his/her condition worse.

・Please arrive at our location, Counselor College Ishikawa, 10 minutes prior to your first scheduled appointment. We will give you an initial explanation and instructions, including a consent form.

・Please don't hesitate to ask any questions about the session.

・The first session will include questions about your concerns, your family members, any medications you might be taking and so on, in order to assess whether counseling is suitable for you.

・Counseling will only be started after having received consent from the client, as well as an assessment from the counselor that finds counseling to be practical in this case.

・Counseling time is dedicated for the client. It is completely confidential. You can speak freely about anything you like with our counselors or therapists without any concerns.

Notes about counseling:

Personal information is treated with the highest level of care.

There will be no medical treatments conducted during counseling sessions.

If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please let us know by 18:00 on the day before your appointment.

Cancellations on the day of the appointment will be charged of 100% of the session fee.

We do not accept health insurance.

Payment by cash only